Bright Star 🌟

Dear Tita Mich,

Happy birthday! 😊🎁 🎈 🎊 🎉 🎂🍻

I kept a copy of this video mainly because I think I’ll never get to write a hopeful song such as this ever again in my lifetime and yeah, you’ve always been a wonderful song interpreter and this was really a good one of yours (and the rest of the Weygandt guys).

Also, I’m posting this because you’re not in the other room to give me a tita eye roll 🙄 for doing something relatively foolish (like posting old vids) again. Haha 😁

Anyway, I hope you do continue following that bright star; it’s just there shining brightly for you. 😊🌟

Thank you being a consistently strict tita friend since college up to now. Haha. Kidding aside, your wisdom has always been beyond your years, and I’m grateful (and lucky) to be checked and grounded by it every time.

Enjoy today, Tita Mich, today’s the day to eat a lot of cake and drink beer of course. Haha. Here’s to life, and following brighter stars, cheers!😊❤️🍻

The bright star might also lead to the B-Right guy, haha, oh we never know.😆



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