full circle

Reblogs are also a sign of life going full circle again, I guess. Haha! Happy weekend, universe! 😊🌻

overcast and hazy

Eight hours in the office, plus another extra five or more somewhere doing schoolwork.

I live a couple of lives all together I tell people around.

And yes, I get the raising of eyebrows all the time — for skipping on too many things (too many important things, I’m told).

So I tell them, I’m sorry. And then in my head, I imagine giving myself a pat on the back. 😁

Another hour on the blog too, and then I get an awful lot more eyebrow raises. This time, it’s for being a little too careless in putting my head into space.

But if there is one thing I have realized in all of these, it is that if you spend a whole lifetime trying to live a life that other people has mapped out for you, then you have not been living at all; you have not been living…

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